The Team

Design & Development Team

Our multidisciplinary Design & Development team consists of a mix of veterans and young engineers who are poised to face new challenges. This perfect blend of Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and Robotic Engineers help us to effectively use cutting edge technologies and at the same time to retain the product simple and reliable.

Testing Team

Our development team is closely supported by the testing team. We test our entire product by simulating the extreme possible environment and scenarios. Our 25 meter high in-house testing tower can even accommodate Robopark towers for rigorous testing before dispatch.

Service Team

Service is the key feature that helps us to grab repeat orders. Since we manufacture high value heavy engineering and Robotic parking products, development team its-self provides training for service engineers for all possible scenarios. This is also helps development-engineers to get proper feedback from installation and service engineers for continual improvement in product design.

Production Team

Production team backed with state of art facility is the moving force behind our success. The accuracy and quality demanded by the nature of product is enormous. We have two states of art manufacturing facilities equipped with all in house production facilities ranging from structural fabrication to PCB assembling. Our ISO 9001 certified production units are driven by pure passion for excellence.