The safest way to park your car

He-Man robopark system comes with external weather proof cladding, so cars are safe from dust, rain, sun and birds. No chance for theft, vandalism or scratch as there is no human access to parked cars. ...

Free up your land area

He-Man Robopark Tower can handle 90 cars in a space of 3 meter by 38.5 meter land area. This is 60% more parking space than the conventional ramp parking and 90% more space than the land parking. ...

Pallet-less system

He-Man Robotic Park is a pallet-less parking system. So the process of returning and storing empty pallets is not presents in our system. This saves a lot of time and also avoids the need of annual maintenance of pallets. ...

Reliable- E-DES System

All parking motors are supported with a backup motor. This back up motors will continue the operation automatically if the first motor shows a fault.

Eco friendly

Electromechanical automated parking machinery is moving cars in the parking area. No cars run inside the garage, and there is no driving up and down ramps and through aisles in search of a space. This significantly reduces the emissions and ensures an environmentally clean parking facility. ...

Easy to Use

Electronic parking guide helps the driver to park the car without any external help in the entry bay. The simple touch screen and smart card access themselves takes care the rest of the parking process. ...


Automated Car Parking System

Our state of the art automated car parking system is designed to handle 90 cars in a land area of 3 Meter width and  38.5 Meter length (15 parking floors). We use multiples of these 90 car tower modules to make huge parking towers. We build parking systems in turnkey basis and our parking projects are the most economical ones in terms of initial investments and operating cost. The retrieval time (less than 3 minute) and power efficiency (0.3 Unit power per car) are best in the industry.

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What We Offer


As a global turnkey service provider, we offer a wide range of heavy engineering solutions like Robotic Car Parking Towers,  spare parts for ships, petroleum storage tanks, special purpose machines and other pre-engineered structures. 

How it Works

Unique Features of Robotic Parking Tower

  • Lowest car retrieval time. Car can be retrieved from any parking slot in less than 2 minutes.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • He-Man Robopark Tower is a pallet-less system.
  • Completely Automated System, no operator required
  • Simple touch screen access and smart card token.
  • Electronic parking guide helps the driver to park the car in the entry bay.
  • The entire parking space is suitable for parking SUV’s.
  • Diagonal movement of the car from entry slot to any available parking slot.
  • Only 5 motors employed in parking/retrieval function of 60 cars. All this motors and moving parts located in the centre unit only.
  • Fully enclosed system with weather proof external cladding, so cars are safe from dust, rain / sun and birds
  • As there is no human access to parked car, no chance for theft, vandalism, graffiti or scratch
  • Parked cars are visible from outside as we use a mix of ACP and Glass on at least one side of the structure.
  • Outside cladding colour can be selected to match the look and feel of the location
  • Robotic parking tower is designed with a capacity to operate up to 10 floor
  • Robotic parking tower can be completely dismantled and re-assembled at a different location as the nut bolt assembly method is used for construction.